born exactly at dawn
she was blinded by an evil wind
on a day preceded by
a night where the western line of stars
appeared bent to the trained eye

spared not in beauty
she remained at home under the care of a loving family
waving locks of silken hair
dropping to the curves
of linen ruffles
tapping out rhymes
and uttering silent whispers
learning from word
and the divine song
her mother would sing

living a life
much like a jewel
hidden in a case
as she took afternoon strolls around the courtyard
feeling the leaves of
familiar plants
each named as the characters in the story of her life
she would tend to this garden
and reap the fruits and berries
of its friendship untold

every fortnight when the moon would split the sky in two
she would fly as an eagle
with muted eyes of rainbow color
her feathers soft and patterned
silently gliding to where ever she may
discover the love of being another
challenging the very wind which took her sight
which took her romance
and her never born children to another story
played out by another soul
challenging her own faith
in the flight of love
as seen by the blind
facing the pain that bent the metal of time
into a crooked bar
holding the door of opportunity shut
for those with common vision

and only on those nights where the moon offered
equal portions of the light of understanding
and the darkness on ignorance
Free she would fly
to the joy of her her own laughter
and the shores of her own tears
till fallen by morning
when the unknowing
would see her
as a blind poor girl.


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