pull of the crescent.

somewhere just past that place where the hawk flies
the call to prayer
and the edge of the world
it calls me to kneel
and bow
to the simple complexity of it all

on a balcony
or from the terrace
facing the east
or facing west
i see what is beyond
my own vision

the busy streets of Bangalore
tap out a rhythm of joy
that in the crumpled forms of life
there is smoothness
and in the smoothness
wrinkles will appear

like a half full glass
i empty myself of fear and leap forward
off the middle slopes of India
westward, towards the arabian sea
from temperate dreams
to a feverish boil of Goan green

here one may find Ganesh hanging on a cross
brahma holding the baby jesus
a raving krishna doing ecstasy at the disco Eden
and the crashing waves
announcing the coming rains

Night falls this day
the roar of the shore and the crescent moon
continue to pull me
deeper and deeper
into the rolling ocean
of trust
the vessel that carries my soul
will alight
on the soft sand of a new beach
where prayers
may be answered
by the tide's wish.


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