she comes, she goes.

through the loves of a woman
the fragrant gifts of flowered breeze
or the the gleaming smiles of child born

through the dancing sways of rice in field
the lilting melodies in art's song
or the washing foam atop a powdered shore

in the gentle sighs of hard stories told
the recurring stones in karmic path
or the swaggering weight in a morning's load

in the flavour of consumption
the whispering thoughts of lost memories
or the boundaries of a long long stroll away from home's comfort zone

of the relieving cool in mountain mist
a pearl's soft glowing beauty
or the silence in land seen afar

of answers to one's prayers
calm found in meditation
or the rest at day's end

filling the dark of my night
receding from the edge
of a deeper understanding,
if not but once a month
she comes, she goes


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