seeing circles.

morning came and the clouds continued their stroll across the sky
a bird flies by vertical to avoid a prancing dog
doves cooo toooo the irish music in asia
heart beats thump silently in preparation for movement
from horizontal we rise every day as if a salute to darwin
sometimes forgetting god, sometimes not
bright yellow spot removes the night
intention becomes seen

the songs of crickets wither into the jitter of us
as we figure out the cure for yesterdays ooooops
sizzling breakfast fuels efforts where arms may reach
to hold, to hand, to have for a while
two ends of and infinite line meet
like friends shaking hands
a birth begins
as we say goodbye

stretching from then to then
now passes by like a flitter in the butterfly's thought
tired of standing we lay down
tired of lying we stand
the dance of the line that ends never floats by like a bubble blown by youth
giggles seal the deal as if business men return to joy
a cool breeze in the heat of the day points to the angel's stroll above
the yellow cools red as blue folds in to black speckled by ancestors light
and we return to sleep as servants of god's dream.


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